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Freight Forwarding

The Freight Forwarding services offered exclusively by NICHOLAS AIR allow our Members to easily and efficiently ship objects that would otherwise be difficult, financially unreasonable, or a logistical nightmare to relocate. Our crews handle all the fine details, just as we do in all our private travel services, and you can rest assured that your assets will be treated as if they were our own.

Caravan Test

Cessna Caravan EX

The Cessna Caravan EX is the perfect aircraft for these types of missions. With its large storage capacity, short runway capability, and overall performance as a utility aircraft, we are able to get everything closer to its final destination faster, all while reducing the amount of handling necessary to secure your items.


Maximum Range 1,049 Miles
Cruise Speed 213 MPH
Cabin Capacity 10-14 Passengers
Cabin Height 4ft. 6in.
Cabin Length 21ft. 4in.
Cabin Width 5ft. 4in.
Maximum Payload 3,190 Pounds


The CESSNA GRAND CARAVAN EX aircraft is known for its dependable and efficient performance by regional airlines, charter operators and cargo carriers worldwide. The Grand Caravan EX turboprop was engineered for challenging missions, high payloads and short, rough runways while delivering single-engine economy and simplicity.

The Grand Caravan EX aircraft has a reputation as a revenue-generator. It carries up to 14 occupants with an increased speed and climb capability, plus a takeoff ground roll of only 1,399 ft. Its powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada engine delivers 867 horsepower for dependable payload performance and superior efficiency. Experience true value with low direct operating costs, a limited warranties and a wide breadth of parts available on demand.

  • Trans-Continental Range for True Coast-to-Coast Capabilities
  • Executive Interior with 8 Adjustable Plush Leather Captain Chairs
  • Can Travel Up to 3,567 Miles at a Cruise Speed of 541 MPH
  • Interior Cabin Height of 6 ft. 1 in.
  • Super Midsize Cabin with Seating for up to 9 Passengers

Luggage Capacity

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Which Aircraft Is Right For You?

NICHOLAS AIR offers a fleet of jets consisting of Pilatus PC-12s, Phenom 100, Citation CJ3, Phenom 300, Citation Latitude & Challenger 300 with an average age of five years. We Own and Operate our fleet and employ our pilots to ensure your flight is always a consistent and elevated experience. Let us help you select the best aircraft for your mission, while you enjoy the ability to interchange between all aircraft within our entire fleet.

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