Nicholas Air Pilot Inspecting Embraer Phenom 300E Jet

Nicholas Air
COVID-19 Response Plan

NICHOLAS AIR has taken precautions with its fleet unlike any other brand in this industry to ensure the safety of our passengers, our crew, and our aircraft. Those precautions, aimed at creating a safe space for Members to enjoy their private travel worry-free and in comfort, are carried out multiple times each day by our hangar staff, aircraft detailing staff, and our crew-members. The result is an airplane that is clean, sanitized, and ready for your enjoyment. For over 2 decades, we have remained devoted to providing the highest quality aircraft, the best service experience, and the ultimate in passenger safety. That mission has been our focus since day 1, is our focus now, and will always be our top priority.

A Full Team Effort

The commitment to your safety and security onboard a NICHOLAS AIR aircraft is one that is shared by everyone on our team, starting with our professional flight crews. Our pilots are gifted aviators, but they are also compassionate and caring men and women who take exceptional pride in the onboard experience of our Members. They share in preparing the aircraft for each flight by meticulously detailing the cabin prior to every trip, making sure that each surface of the airplane has been sanitized for your safety. Their preparation to service our Members extends beyond the cockpit and airplane too, as our crews are actively engaging in proper distancing measures, avoid loitering in the FBO or public facilities, and constantly undergo wellness checks before and after their duty day.

While You Were Sleeping

The NICHOLAS AIR Maintenance and Hangar Operations teams work diligently through the evenings to fully detail each aircraft in preparation for the next day’s travel. The professionals take exceptional pride in their craft, often being responsible for a passenger’s long-lasting view of the quality of a NICHOLAS AIR aircraft. We have long maintained that our aircraft are the best appointed and have the best interiors in the industry, thanks to the tireless work around the clock of our aircraft detailing crews, maintenance team, and hangar operations. That fresh, clean smell you are greeted with upon boarding your NICHOLAS AIR flight? It comes standard on every NICHOLAS AIR journey.

Nicholas Air Operations Center

Chief of the Watch

Around the clock, Member Services Representatives, Flight Support Specialists, and Operational Leadership call the NICHOLAS AIR Member Operations Center home. From here, they coordinate the travel and logistics for each NICHOLAS AIR Member, each pilot on our flight line, and each aircraft in the fleet. The work, highly orchestrated between all operational groups, becomes a sweet harmony each day as our team works to schedule our fleet with precision to ensure our Members are on time, every time. By working together with our pilot team and our maintenance team, our Operations Center can communicate to our clients when an aircraft was detailed last and can communicate Member preferences directly out to the flight line. These elements simply cannot be found outside of a company that not only owns and operates its aircraft fleet but also calls each pilot a full-time employee of NICHOLAS AIR.

Bombardier Challenger 300 Black & White Photo

It Takes Resources, Too

No one will ever be able to question or doubt the level of care, work, and professionalism of anyone on the NICHOLAS AIR team, but it takes more than that to provide the level of service that has made NICHOLAS AIR the most respected company in the private aviation industry. To provide this level of quality, it takes resources. Financial resources. And it is proudly another element that can never be questioned with NICHOLAS AIR. Time and time again, we have spent vast amounts of money to perfect the onboard experience for our Members. It has been in our DNA since day one, and continues even to this day. From the new Headquarters and Member Operations Center to the continued acquisition of new airplanes, our resources are devoted to one thing: to provide you, our Member, with the very best the industry has to offer.

Safety First. Always.

At NICHOLAS AIR, we take great pride in our dedication to our Members' comfort and safety. Even during these unpredictable times, we are resolved to staying as vigilant and steadfast as ever, allowing our Members to count on us as they have since day one. Contact us below to access pricing information and downloadable brochures and learn more about our dedication to keeping you safe and comfortable during every flight.

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